Books for 4th Graders to Read

These fourth grade books are a compilation of books my son read during the 2010-2011 school year, and my daughters in the 2005-2006 and 2007-2008 school years. While my son liked reading Big Nate Books and Hardy Boys Books, my daughters liked reading Judy Blume books.

Fourth grade is an interesting year, as it began to mark a transition with my kids starting to read on their own. No longer, do my wife and I have to remind them the read, 4th graders begin to see reading as something to do for pleasure instead of something the school or mom and dad want them to do.

Reading is by far the best way for children to learn, in fact, the better reader you are, normally the better learner you are as you tend to understand the things around you quicker. Readers are better test takers, as they can quickly grasp the question being asked and therefore understand how to answer the question.

If you find these fourth grade books too simple or too challenging, please check out these 3rd grade books or 5th grade books.


Books my children have read in fourth grade

Here are some titles of books my kids have read while in 4th grade. You can click on the pictures to see a full description on Amazon.

Fourth Grade Reading Skills and Strategies – Strategies to help 4th graders read

My school district provides a list of skills each fourth grader should learn as they progress through 4th grade.

  • Use a combination of world analysis and vocabulary strategies to identify new words while reading
  • Formulate questions to determine meaning based on plot, character, action, or setting
  • Connect, clarify and extend ideas through classroom discussions and activities
  • Demonstrate understanding of structure through the use of graphic organizers, outlining, and teacher modeling
  • Be able to use inferences and interpretations based on text that was read.
  • Compare the content and organization of various books
  • Recognize similarities/differences of varying writing styles or points of view
  • Use comprehension strategies to enhance understanding of books
  • Using KWL charts, be able to apply personal background knowledge and experience to literary text
  • Compare ideas from different books representing a variety of times and cultures
  • Apply self-monitoring and self-correcting strategies continuously to clarify understanding during reading
  • Interpret information from tables, maps, visual aids, and charts to enhance understanding

Encourage Reading in fourth graders through Games

As a fourth grader starts to learn more words and becomes independent on the books they are picking and reading. It becomes more difficult as a parent to encourage reading. One of the tricks is to play games with your fourth grader that use words like Scrabble, Boggle, and Wheel of Fortune.