The favorite comedian topic was interesting.   My daughter’s exposure to comedians is mainly late night TV.  We would watch the Late, Late show together with Craig Ferguson together.   Everyone says my dad and I have the same sense of humor, now I know why.

Favorite Comedian of a 20 Year Old

I am not a huge person who closely follows comedians. I do from time to time find myself tuning into a late night talk show and laughing as a result of that. That being said, my favorite comedian would have to be Jimmy Fallon.  If I turned on a show to watch, he is the one I would turn to. He has a wonderful show and plays some of my personal favorite games to play with his guest stars such as The Whisper Challenge, Lip Sync Battles, and Box of Lies. Not only that, but he also brings much joy to his show. He seems genuine and I honestly would love meet him someday. That also, he has his own segments such as reading off tweets that people send him and writing Thank You notes. I have found it to be a fun show to watch especially with some of my friends here at college.
Also, being a fan of How I Met Your Mother, I think he has a little bit of resemblance to Ted Mosby so that is a plus too.

Favorite Comedian of a 49 Year Old

This is hard for me as I love watching all kinds of comedians perform, I love sitcoms like Cheers, Friends, and MASH, and I love satire shows that reflect reality like Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.  One of my favorite comedy routine’s is Abbott and Costello’s, Who’s on First routine.  I’ve listened to this at least 100 times and stop every time it is on the radio or TV.  I have narrowed my list down to two different comedians, as there was one I loved when I was in high school and college, and there is a second I like watching today.

Early years – In my early years,  was George Carlin.  As a teenager, hearing the seven words you can’t say on TV was one of those things that becomes engraved in your mind. SPFCCSMFT is something I will never forget.  However, I really liked Carlin for the way he took the english language and made fun of it.  I still ask why do we “drive on parkway and park on a driveway”.

More recently, I have latched onto another comedian that has been around for years, but find his skill and ability to tell a joke amazing.  Jeff Dunham is a great story teller, and as a ventriloquist, is incredible.  He does a great job interacting with his regular sidekicks including Peanut, Walter, Achmed, and Jose Jalepeno.  His routine is typically a conversation with each character and his reactions to what each character says is priceless.  It is absolutely hilarious when he gets mad at Peanut.

My honorable mentions list is long as I love different types of comedians:  Gallagher, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Jeff Foxworthy, Robin Williams, Ellen, Billy Crystal, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, Gilda Radner, Chris Farley, Bill Cosby, Louie Anderson, and John Oliver.

Favorite Comedian of a 70 Year Old

I’ve seen and heard a lot of comedians mostly on TV, but some in person.  The ones I like best are those who put together a routine.  The first one I remember is Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First.   It goes back to the 1940’s, but came on TV in the 50’s and is considered a classic, of course.

George Carlin is my guy for the best routines.  He is a language and concept person who uses words to make you think while you are laughing.  His routine on euphemisms plays to this. He even has a routine describing himself using euphemistic contradictions. His most famous routine is “7 words you can’t say on TV” which hits the mark on how ludicrous censoring is.   His routine on ‘stuff’ is really apropos in this age of shopping.   His style is laid back but in your face. It’s like he’s thinking out loud but wants you to hear.  I feel his later routines are much more negative than the early ones.  While he always cursed, they became more routinely included rather than part of the routine. Still, I like listening to what he has to say because of the way he says it.

Now it’s your Turn – Who is your favorite comedian?

One thought on “3 or 4 of our Favorite Comedians

  1. I thought I’d comment in part to agree with most of your choices Tom. But I’d like to add two that I’ve enjoyed over the years. Don Rickels, who I saw in person with my Mom and Dad in Las Vegas long ago , and Victor Borge who I took my
    Mom to see years ago too. Of those two I
    Like Victor the best. He was on Tv a lot and since his show was so strongly tied to music he drew me in. Was fortunate to see him in person.

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