Today’s Topic – 2017 Predictions

Predictions from a 20 Year Old

My gut reaction was that I have no FREAKING clue. Like what 3 things will happen in 2017 – anything is possible and things I don’t even expect to happen will. Maybe I don’t like this because I don’t want to be wrong but this is for fun so who cares?! Right? Right.

Prediction #1 – I will get an engineering internship.  This girl is hopeful and really wants to expand her knowledge of engineering mind as well as her experience.  I’m not exactly sure where I will be or what it will lead me to, but I’m confident that it will happen.

Prediction #2 – Taylor Swift will announce a new album.  She hasn’t done one in a while since her last one came out. Her fans will start to want more from her especially since people thought it would happen this past year. Even though I won’t purposefully go out of the way to listen to her album, I know I will hear of it when it does happen.

Prediction #3 – Someone will find the Loch Ness Monster.  I know this is probably a long shot, but to all you Nessie supporters out there – I have your back. I believe that Nessie will one day be found!

So there you have it, my three predictions for 2017.

Predictions from a 49 Year Old

My three predictions are around sports, politics, and family health.

First, as I am a Chicago Cubs fan and elated for their 2016 World Series win, this prediction deals with where the Chicago Cubs will finish during the 2017 season.  I predict the Cubs will continue on their great ride and win their division again.  I predict the Cubs will make it to the World Series, play the Boston Red Sox, and win in 5 games.

My second prediction involves the United States President-elect Donald Trump.  President Trump will continue to utilize social media and irritate a whole lot of people.   I believe he will struggle with foreign politics and will help encourage more manufacturing within the United States within the year.

My third prediction is around my family’s health.  We had an awful year with half the family having surgery or ending up in the hospital.  In 2017, I predict we will end up with only one family member in the hospital or having surgery.

Here’s to 2017!

Predictions from a 71 Year Old

1.  deja vu magnified – The US supreme court will uphold the Trump Presidency despite 3 state Supreme Court’s decisions which found Trump not only lost the popular vote but also the state’s electoral votes. The review of voting records divulged significant illegal votes for Trump and significant unrecorded votes for Hillary.

2.  The cubs will repeat.

3.  Our ‘family’ will have a minor celebrity (bad or good).  I’m using ‘family’ in the broadest of terms including in-laws.  For example,  my sister’s granddaughter said I was the only author she knew personally.  Of course,  my son is related business wise to the Ellen show. There’s also the 6 degrees of separation on our side.  But I’m thinking of much more exposure than that.

In Conclusion

There you have it, a couple of predictions for the Chicago Cubs to repeat in 2017, some Donald Trump predictions, a new Taylor Swift album, an engineering internship, some family predictions, and the Loch Ness monster.

Now it’s your turn before you go out and make 2017 great, in the comments below, who will have the most predictions come true?